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Operating Systems


Microsoft Windows

We have followed the way of Microsoft for over 30 years. MS Windows today is the most distributed operating system. We know it very well. But we know the pitfalls regarding security and data protection.


Linux since long is the predominant Server OS. Today there are Distributions that are fully usable as Office Desktop. Linux is more secure and more effective as Windows 10. And Linux is Open Source.

We recommend the Linux Mint Debian-Edition or Debian.

TrueOS and FreeBSD

For a High Security Environments we recommend TrueOS for Server and Desktop with Dataencryption, Remote Management SysAdm, and OpenZFS Filesystem with rollback- and software-Raid capabilities out of the box.

We assemble Linux and BSD computers for your needs

Installation of operating system and drivers for printers and scanners at reasonable prices.

Debian GNU-Linux Linux Mint TrueOS (FreeBSD)

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